Extra virgin

Purity that inspires

Our most select olive oil comes from the best olives in our own olive groves, located in the regions of Villa del Río and Montoro (Córdoba) and from the work and collaboration with local farmers of the utmost trust.

Our liquid gold comes from 90% of the picual olive variety accompanied by a delicate touch of hojiblanca.

The picual olive grove, noble and majestic, dominates the fields of Spain with its black fruit, medium in size and unique in shape, reminiscent of a drop of life and gives our extra virgin oil a characteristic intense flavor.

The hojiblanca is a variety of olive that stands out for its late ripening, medium size, and symmetrical shape, as well as for the high quality of the fruit.

The mastery in combining these two varieties of olives gives our oils a perfect balance between spicy and bitter. A fruity flavor with an intense aroma and full of nuances in each drop. In addition, its high content of oleic acid and its high content of natural polyphenols provide us with great benefits for our cardiovascular health.

Throughout our extensive experience as olive oil exporters, we have developed a range of Extra Virgin Olive Oils that perfectly adapts to the tastes of different markets and cultures around the world.

Allow us to enrich your dishes with our passion for authenticity, through the sublime flavor of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil to turn them into a unique gastronomic experience.