for the countryside and tradition

Since our humble beginnings in 1842, originated in a Cordoban family dream, Aceites Monterreal has become an undisputed benchmark in the Spanish olive oil sector. A place where passion for the countryside joins the tradition and experience of our farmers in an exceptional dedication to liquid gold.

Our roots

Our origin dates back to 1842, when Mr. Manuel Rodríguez Manso made his dream of founding a company dedicated to the production of olive oil and agricultural products come true: “Hermanos Rodríguez de Córdoba”.



Over time, this company consolidated itself as one of the most prominent food industries in the region being a pioneer in the export of Spanish olive oil.


Aceites Monterreal

In 1980, the company began to specialize in the international marketing of olive oils, renaming itself as “Aceites Monterreal. This international vision and our passion for bringing the best Spanish olive oil to the whole world has allowed us to export our products to more than 45 countries around the world.


New horizons

This intercultural nature has allowed us to produce products adapted to different markets, through the creation of the products “Mundial”, a brand with great personality that is a leader in Arabic markets, and “Ebest”, a range of soft oils that offers a sensory experience adapted to Asian cuisine.


Desire to improve

Today, Aceites Monterreal is much more than olive oil. It is a way of life that begins in the countryside, a passion that we share with the world through our olive oils. It is a symbol of tradition, quality and cultural identity of our territory, a culinary heritage that we want to share with the world.

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At Aceites Monterreal we are committed to offering high quality olive oil, producing products specially adapted to each market to reveal new gastronomic fusions and form an unparalleled sensory experience.



and experience

Since its founding, Aceites Monterreal has maintained its cultural heritage of more than 150 years dedicated to the cultivation of the olive tree. We take meticulous care of each phase of the olive oil production process, from the collection and selection of the best fruits, to their passage through the oil mill, with the aim of offering a product of the highest quality and that respects traditional cultivation techniques.



and adaptation

For Aceites Monterreal it is essential to know the culture and gastronomy of each market, with the aim of offering a quality olive oil adapted to it, which can combine perfectly with its aromas, flavors and culinary tradition.



and commitment

We are committed to the origin, the land, the countryside and the people. We seek to generate a lasting positive impact in all our activity through sustainable cultivation techniques and ensuring the food safety of our products in all markets.


Click on each quality seal to learn more


Our commitment to always maintain the highest quality and excellence in the production of our oils has been present since our origins. We work every day on the continuous improvement of processes and work methods.

We control each stage of the production process of all of our olive oils. From the select harvest in our own olive groves of Spanish origin, to its careful packaging in the oil mill.
We have our own laboratory where we carry out regular and precise quality controls to ensure compliance with all international food safety and sustainability regulations. We make sure to maintain the best conditions at all times to guarantee exceptional quality.

As proof of this, we can boast of all the Quality Control Certificates that we explain in the image on the right. You will only have to click on each one to know them.

BRC, Global Standard for Food Safety, is a certification standard that has been developed in the United Kingdom with international recognition. It gives rise to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control requirements and is in accordance with a documented quality management system and the control of requirements of the environmental conditions of the facilities, products, processes, and personnel.

Halal Food & Quality  is responsible for carrying out an evaluation process with the aim of issuing a certificate accredited by organizations recognized by Muslim countries around the world. Halal certification is based on the two most important quality standards recognized today that Muslim countries require to consider a product as halal.

FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) is a comprehensive certification scheme for food safety and security management systems based on existing standards ISO 22000, ISO 22003 and technical specifications for Prerequisite Programs of the corresponding sector (food production , manufacturing of packaging for the food industry or for the Transportation and Storage of food), is a guarantee of safe food.

Kosher certification is a food certification whose scope of application ranges from the composition and ingredients of the product to the multiple transformation processes that occur in the food industry. To guarantee the total absence of cross contamination in Kosher productions a special emphasis is placed on the cleanliness of machinery and processes.a los múltiples procesos de transformación que se dan en la industria alimentaria. Para garantizar la ausencia total de contaminaciones cruzadas, en las producciones Kosher se hace especial énfasis en la limpieza de la maquinaria y procesos.

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. The standard is designed to help organizations ensure that their products and services meet the expectations of both customers and stakeholders. Since its introduction in 1987, ISO 9001 has become the world’s most widely accepted standard for quality management systems.

Certified organic products are those that have been verified by an entity such as CAAE, the first Spanish organic certification entity, with no interest in the production or manufacturing processes, which guarantees that all requirements and standards regarding organic production are met, labeling and control.