Aceites Monterreal is a way of life that begins in the countryside. It is a symbol of tradition, quality and cultural identity of our territory, a culinary heritage that we want to share with the world through our oils of 100% Spanish origin.

We always seek excellence in every drop to achieve the perfect combination between our liquid gold and the gastronomy of different cultures. This is how we make it possible to enjoy a Mediterranean product of the highest quality in every corner of the world.



Discover a world of exquisite flavors and unmatched quality through our different brands with olive oils specially adapted to each market.

Each one of them has a history, a unique personality and a philosophy that is reflected in their exceptional aromas and nuances.

We invite you to explore the richest gastronomic cultures in the world with Monterreal, a 100% Spanish flavor, Mundial, a brand with great personality that is a leader in Arabic markets, and Ebest, a range of soft olive oils that offers a sensory experience adapted to Asian gastronomy.

Exceptional quality demonstrated in every process and recognized worldwide.

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How to choose the right olive oil for each type of dish? The secrets of the experts

How to choose the right olive oil for each type of dish? The secrets of the experts There are different types on the market, choosing the right oil for each dish is essential to enhance the flavors and obtain the best results in the kitchen.
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Olive oil in Oriental Cuisine

In recent years, olive oil has begun to gain ground in Asian cuisine. Its gradual introduction to this market has been adding its special touch to a wide range of traditional and modern dishes.