Aceites Monterreal | About Us
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 FOUNDATION – Rodriguez Hermanos de Córdoba


FIt was in 1842 when Mr. Manuel Rodriguez Manso founded, Rodríguez Hermanos de Córdoba SA, company dedicated to produce of olive oil, agricultural products, flour and soap. Having an extensive network of facilities in the capital of Cordoba as well as in towns of the province is transformed into one of the most important food industry of the region being one of the pioneers exporting olive oil under brands like “Rodriguez”, “El Potro”, “Sancho” or “Calesero”. Even today in the city of Córdoba we can observe several industrial chimneys as witnesses of this splendor.

 CONSOLIDATION – Monterreal Oil S.A.


After its refoundation in 1980 as “Aceites Monterreal”, the expansion of its oil mill and the creation of new packaging facilities in Villa del Rio, Cordoba, its activity is focused only on olive oil. Both in the national market, which has had a large market share working with the main distribution chains in Spain, as in the export market where the brand “MONTERREAL” has had a clearly upward trend.

REMODELING – New packaging facilities


As of 2012, Aceites Monterreal focuses its strategy on international markets, reaching 90% of its turnover by exporting its products to more than 40 countries. Due to the high standards of quality required, a deep modernization of the facilities is undertaken, certifying with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 for packaging, obtaining the “BRC FOOD” (British retail consortium) certificate and being currently in process of obtaining the “IFS” certificate.

 ABOUT US – Discovering Monterreal


Monterreal has managed to maintain its roots as a family business but with a high degree of competitiveness and a great capacity to adapt to the new times thanks to the constant commitment to quality and consumer orientation.

 THE COMPANY – Monterreal


All this has allowed the company to maintain a growth trend in the export volume of its products to reach 90% of its total production.

 THE COMPANY – Where we are


Both our oil mill and our commercial office are located in Villa del Rio (Córdoba) while the packing plant is located in Alcolea. Our activity is focused on the selection, production, marketing and distribution of olive oil.



Our mission is to share our passion for olive oil, offer the highest quality to our customers of a 100% Spanish product with an unmistakable flavor and export as well as promote the culture of olive oil around the world.