How to choose the right olive oil for each type of dish? The secrets of the experts

How to choose the right olive oil for each type of dish? The secrets of the experts

Olive oil is one of the most representative products of our country. There are different types on the market, choosing the right oil for each dish is essential to enhance the flavors and obtain the best results in the kitchen.

Olive growing, the ancient practice of growing olive trees and producing olive oil, has undergone a notable evolution in recent times. Today, this industry is deeply oriented towards the search for quality and consumer education to be able to distinguish and appreciate each type of olive oil.

In the past, oil production used to focus primarily on quantity, with a priority on sourcing large quantities to meet market demand. However, with changing consumption patterns and growing awareness of the health benefits associated with olive oil, the sector has undergone a significant transformation.

Today, in Spain, olive oil producers grow specific varieties of olive trees and apply growing techniques that promote olive quality, including the use of sustainable growing methods, careful harvest management, cold processing to preserve flavors and aromas…

Education plays a fundamental role so that consumers differentiate and appreciate the different olive oils, from extra virgin to refined, and know the different varieties of olives used in production as well as the geographical regions from which they come that influence in the flavor and characteristics of each oil.


Modern olive farming is in a constant search for quality and education as a means to allow consumers to appreciate and value the various nuances of olive oils.

This evolution is a reflection of a growing sector that values excellence, sustainability and diversity in the production of one of the most appreciated culinary ingredients worldwide.

Olive oil tasters and experts play an essential role in educating consumers. Through tastings and sensory evaluations, they help identify the unique qualities of each oil, such as its bitterness, spiciness, fruitiness and other nuances, allowing the consumer to choose the most suitable oil.


The best oil for each use

There are several types of oil available on the market, and choosing the best oil for each use depends on several factors, including cooking temperature, desired flavor, and personal preferences. These are some types of oils and their uses recommended by experts:

  • Extra virgin olive oil: This oil is widely considered one of the most versatile and healthy. Suitable for a wide variety of uses, it is ideal for dressing salads, pasta dishes, grilled meats and fish, and roasted vegetables. Its fruity and smooth flavor makes it suitable for enhancing flavors without overpowering them.
  • Virgin olive oil: Similar to extra virgin olive oil but with a slightly less pronounced flavor and aroma. Also suitable for cooking and dressing, it is ideal for sautéing, baking or dressing fish and seafood dishes, as they do not mask the delicate flavors of these foods. They work great for dressings and sauces and with steamed or grilled vegetables.
  • Olive pomace oil: It is obtained from the mixture of extra virgin oils with refined pomace oil, which allows us to obtain an oil with excellent properties for cooking. This type of oil stands out especially for its durability, its tolerance to high temperatures and its high resistance to oxidation, which makes it an ideal oil for culinary techniques such as frying.
  • Blend Oil: It is the result of a careful selection and combination of olive oils with other vegetable oils such as sunflower, canola, grape seed or avocado. This way, exclusive mixtures are achieved that adapt to the needs and tastes of each client. They can be used raw, to dress salads or season foods, as well as to sauté vegetables or fry.
  • Infused Oils: These are olive oils that have been flavored or seasoned with high-quality ingredients, such as truffle, basil, garlic, cayenne… to add flavor and aroma, thus allowing you to explore new and exciting possibilities in the kitchen. Each aromatic ingredient used provides a unique flavor profile to each oil.


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