Aceites Monterreal | Pomace Olive Oil
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Faithful to our commitment to adapt to the needs of our consumers, we reach the range of our olive-pomace oils. Produced from the mixture of extra virgin or virgin oils, with refined pomace oil, we obtain the best possible product for frying, due to its tolerance to high temperatures, its resistance to oxidation, its content in oleic acid and its neutral flavor. By varying the proportion of virgin or extra virgin oil we can modify both the color and the taste of our olive-pomace oils.



This oil contains oleanolic acid, which has proven antithrombotic properties, it is also an economical alternative to cooking, but much healthier than sunflower oil and of course the most important thing, olive pomace oil shares with other olive oils heart-healthy propieties.

  • Características Organolépticas
    • ASPECTO: Líquido brillante a 20 ºC
    • COLOR: Dorado, desde el verde claro al amarillo
    • OLOR Y SABOR: Aroma y sabor suaves.
    • ANÁLISIS ESPECÍFICOS:  Acidez (% ácido oléico): 1 Máximo.

  • Valores nutricionales
    • Lípidos 100% .
    • Energía/ 100 g: 900 Kcal.
    • Vitaminas naturales: E.
    • Proteínas: No contiene.
    • Hidratos de Carbono: No contiene.

  • Conservación
    • Temperatura ambiente, indispensable no superar los 25 ºC.
    • Recipiente cerrado.
    • Alejado de la luz directa.